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Ga‚Äčbriel Rabu, MFT

California Lic. # 92400

Bilingual: English - French

(415) 758-2203

I provide short- or long-term psychotherapy. My approach is steeped in a mindful and caring relation to oneself and to others. I help my clients find the courage necessary to face and value what has not yet been acknowledged in their life, and to find the potential strengths that have not yet been harnessed.

Bilingual: English and French

Pronouns: he/him/his

I have helped people in the following areas:

Relationships, marriage, divorce

Depression, anxiety, stress reduction

Life transitions, loss of meaning, loss of direction

Retirement and aging

Mindfulness and spiritual growth

Men's issues

Immigration and cultural identity

Sexual self-expression and intimacy

Disability, long-term and terminal illness

Compassionate care for the dying & Caregiver burnout

Artist block and search for creative self-expression